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Portable Water Quality Digital pH Meter Acidity Tester Outdoor Swimming Pool Aquarium Fish Tank pH-02 Analytical Instruments PH Meter Pen
Material: ABS
Color: Blue
Size: 155x31mm/6.1×1.22in
Weight: 106g
Battery: Not included

1. Instructions for use of PH acidity meter calibration powder:
A. Calibrator of acidity meter: pH standard solid substance.  It can be used after unpacking and adding water. Suitable for the calibration of any type of acidity meter.
B. The two specifications are pH=4.00; 6.86 and the validity period is five years.
C. The PH standard liquid with pharmaceutical powder has two specifications of 4.01 and 6.86, and each package can prepare 250ML standard liquid. (Be sure to add water according to the required ratio, otherwise it will affect the accuracy of the calibration and increase the error)
(The PH pen has been calibrated before shipment, and no re-calibration is required upon receipt!
In the following cases, the PH meter must be re-calibrated:
it has been used (or placed) for a long time after calibration;
The electrode is used very frequently;
The measurement accuracy is relatively high. )

2. The method of use:
A. Cut the plastic bag, pour the powder into a 250ML volumetric flask, rinse the inner wall of the plastic bag with a small amount of CO2-free distilled water, and dilute to the mark to shake well. The shelf life of the powder is 2 years.
B. The calibration solution can be reused without being contaminated. The shelf life after watering is about 6 months.
After the calibration powder is converted into the calibration solution, follow the steps below.
How to use the calibration solution:
Wash the electrode of the acid meter with pure water (2-3 times)
a. Immerse the pH electrode in a mixed phosphate standard buffer solution with a pH value of 6.86 (at 25°C) and shake gently.
b. Adjust the correction potentiometer with a small screwdriver until the displayed value matches the pH value of the standard buffer solution at ambient temperature.
c. First clean the electrode with purified water, and then insert the electrode into the pH 4.00 standard solution of potassium diphosphonate potassium buffer for calibration.
d. After about two minutes. The displayed value should be within the allowable range of error compared with the pH value of the buffer solution.
C. The so-called two-point calibration is to calibrate with two specifications of calibration solution, and the three-point calibration is to calibrate with three specifications of calibration solution. Generally, the calibration starts from 6.86. Then use 4.00.

3. Operation steps:
A. Remove the protective sleeve.
B. First clean the electrode of the pH meter with distilled water. And wipe the electrode dry with filter paper.
C. Connect the switch located on the battery compartment.
D. Insert the pH meter into the liquid to be measured until the liquid is immersed in the \\\"immersion line\\\". If conditions permit, the solution can be immersed in a position slightly higher than the \\\"immersion line\\\".
E. Stir the solution gently and wait for about two minutes. Read the displayed value.
F. After use, clean the electrode, turn off the switch, and put on a protective cover.

4. Standard configuration: 1 X PH pen

Please note that the PH pen probe is a glass product and is a fragile product. Please do not bump it with something. Once it is damaged, it cannot be replaced.
Be sure to protect the probe well. After use, use absorbent paper to gently absorb the water on the probe.

Battery installation:
If the backlight brightness drops significantly or the display value is blurred, the battery should be replaced.
When replacing the battery, just pull out the battery compartment to replace, pay attention to the polarity of the battery.

1. Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures. Thank you!
2. Please allow 1-3cm measuring deviation due to manual measurement.

Package Content:
1 X pH Meter Pen

Swimming Pool pH-02 PH Meter Pen Water Quality pH Meter Acidity Tester
Swimming Pool pH-02 PH Meter Pen Water Quality pH Meter Acidity Tester
Swimming Pool pH-02 PH Meter Pen Water Quality pH Meter Acidity Tester
Swimming Pool pH-02 PH Meter Pen Water Quality pH Meter Acidity Tester
Swimming Pool pH-02 PH Meter Pen Water Quality pH Meter Acidity Tester
Swimming Pool pH-02 PH Meter Pen Water Quality pH Meter Acidity Tester

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